As part of our mission to promote education and the pursuit of excellence in journalism, and to ensure that the voices within the newsroom represent the diversity of the audience, the Washington Press Club Foundation provides opportunities for women and minorities through internships at some of our nation’s most prestigious media companies. These internships include a stipend and are based in Washington D.C.

Watch 2019 "Welcome to Washington Intern Program"               Begins at 1 pm, Washington, DC.

 “Campaign 2020- Covering Multiple Platforms and Candidates ”


Moderated by Shawna Thomas, Washington Bureau Chief, Vice News

Featured Panelists:

Scott Detrow
NPR Political Correspondent and host of the NPR Politics podcast

Daniella Diaz
CNN Video Producer covering the 2020 election

Ashley Parker
White House Reporter for The Washington Post

Kristen Welker
NBC News White House Correspondent

To apply for an internship, please review our current positions and list of intern partners