The Cora Rigby Archives and the Women in Journalism Oral History Project Preservation Efforts
Women In Journalism
Archive Digitization

The Washington Press Club Foundation has embarked on a long term project to digitize the Cora Rigby Archives and the Women in Journalism Oral History project materials.  Photos, papers, clippings and other items that reflect the history of the Women's National Press Club and, later, the Washington Press Club, are being professional preserved and cataloged.  Almost 70 oral histories, many of them with vidoe footage, is being transfered into a digital format from their original analog formats.  

The collection is an important part of the history of journalism as well as showing a very interesting perspective on the history of women in the workplace.  As the collection is digitized it will be available for use by scholars to further their research and to educators for development of courses on journalism history and women's studies.  Portions of the collection will be added to the WPCF website.  To view selected portions of the Oral History archives click here.

This work is made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.  If you would like to contribute to these efforts please send an email to the WPCF office.